How Long Do Bamboo Pillows Last?

by Alyse Kaitlyn

Did you know that replacing your pillow in a timely manner can not only help you reduce allergy flare-ups but also cradle your head and neck more effectively to give you better spinal alignment? In a noteworthy study, for instance, it was found that pillows that properly contour to your head have positive effects on neck pain. Another study suggests that continual accumulation of dust mites can worsen allergies or asthma attacks, which yet again tells us that replacing our pillows sooner or later isn’t a bad idea. 

But how long do bamboo pillows last? Normally — two to three years. However, there are many other things for you to learn in order to be fully informed on why and when you should replace your pillow. Let’s begin.

Why Should You Replace a Traditional Pillow?

There are three main reasons why you should replace a traditional pillow: flatness, lack of comfort, or aesthetics.


Pillows lose their thickness with constant use, which might eventually distort spinal alignment and cause pain in your neck. So, if your pillow is going flat, it might be time for you to replace it with a thicker and more supportive one.


A wide range of changes might have occurred in our bodies over the years, which means that a pillow that once met our needs now may not be comfortable anymore. This is mostly because, as we age, our bodies need more support in the neck area, and a new pillow can certainly make this happen.


There isn’t a shade of doubt that looks matter, and when it comes to your bedroom accessories, a yellow pillow can certainly be an annoyance. This might happen due to several factors, varying from bodily oils to cat pee or even certain spillage. Sometimes, there is nothing that you can do but replace your pillow, especially when the cause for the stain is not detected in a timely manner.

Why Should You Replace Your Bamboo Pillow?

Thanks to their moisture-wicking powers, bamboo fabrics can swiftly make your body sweat, saliva, or natural skin oils evaporate into thin air. However, bamboo pillows also eventually succumb to these liquids despite their strong resistance — just as any other pillow does. While you may think that this is bad because it can cause your pillow to look bad and turn yellow, the issue goes far beyond that. What actually makes this a serious problem is the fact that moisture creates an ideal environment for dust mites to reproduce and spread across the entire pillow, making it a nearly impossible task for you to completely eliminate these vexing creatures.

Appalling as it may sound, this isn’t the only reason to replace your memory foam bamboo pillow after some time of usage. The other, perhaps more important reason is that memory foam loses its support gradually, eventually becoming too worn out to serve your needs. This means that the pillow won’t provide the necessary support for your head and shoulders, which might cause a stiff neck or other types of discomfort

Sadly, although you can undoubtedly prolong its lifespan for quite some time, this degradation is unavoidable as we apply constant pressure with our heads, night after night. This means that you will ultimately begin to notice lumps on a shredded memory foam pillow, whereas a solid memory foam one will begin to show permanent indentations.

How Long Do Bamboo Pillows Last?

With proper care, memory foam bamboo pillows normally last for up to three years. 

Tips to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Bamboo Pillow

There are numerous ways to extend the life of your bamboo sleeping pillow, helping you save both time and money.

Wash Both the Bamboo Cover & the Memory Foam

While it’s recommended to wash the bamboo cover every month, you should also wash the memory foam filling every six months. Since you probably have other household chores to do, mark your calendar to help you remember when the right time to give your pillow a proper wash is.

Use a Protective Pillowcase

Using a protective pillowcase is yet another way to extend the life of your sleeping pillow. This will serve as an additional layer to protect your filling from body liquids and dust mites.

Spot Clean Stains

No matter whether your adored pet left a “surprise” on your pillow or you spilled red wine or just a regular drink, make sure to spot clean the stain as soon as possible. Otherwise, liquid can set in and penetrate your pillow cover, getting into the deeper layers of the memory foam.

Final Thoughts

No matter the duration, everything material eventually wears off — well, except diamonds (pun intended). 

Yes, there are numerous things you can do to extend the lifespan of your pillow, but sooner or later, it will require a replacement. This is because all pillows lose their initial support and are susceptible to dust, moisture, and everything in between. 

So there you have it - now that you know the best time to replace your bamboo pillow with a completely new one, you can anticipate a more comfortable sleep.


What makes bamboo pillows more durable than traditional pillows?

What makes bamboo pillows longer-lasting than traditional ones is that they use a highly resistant cover and a memory foam filling. The cover is made of lengthy bamboo fibers that allow tight anchoring amongst threads, preserving them from premature pilling. On the other hand, memory foam is also a highly durable material when it comes with a high enough density.

Can washing bamboo pillows improperly bring about their premature sagging?

Indeed. This is why you should be very careful when washing your bamboo pillow and use a gentle cycle with mild detergent and lukewarm water in your washing machine for the cover, and handwash the memory foam with cold water without using too much soap. 

When does a bamboo memory foam pillow lose its support?

Most bamboo pillows lose their shape after three years of usage, which might begin to cause neck pain or other sleep discomforts.

What to do with old pillows?

You can do numerous things with old pillows, from donating them in an animal shelter or shelter for the homeless to repurposing them for kee pads or a cozy pillow bed for your pet.