Do Bamboo Pillows Keep You Cool?

by Alyse Kaitlyn

After long hours of tossing and turning throughout the hot nights, you might be seeking more effortless ways to dreamland. While freezing a washcloth or bottles can indeed help you keep yourself cool before falling asleep, you probably want a permanent solution that can keep you cool without requiring you to experiment constantly.

But can you find this solution by changing your bedding? Or, more importantly, do bamboo pillows keep you cool? To cut a long story short, yes. However, there are plenty of other things to learn about bamboo pillows and their cooling properties. Let’s dive in.

Why Do I Need a Cooling Pillow?

Everything that allows you to sleep properly is more of a necessity rather than a luxury, which is why we recommend using a cooling pillow during hot summer nights. Here’s why.

Countless studies suggest that the optimal sleeping temperature for adults should range 15.6-19.4 degrees Celsius. Any temperature below or above this range can deeply affect the stages of sleep your body must go through to revitalize itself and make you feel completely rested. 

To back this argument with another claim, the Australian Government Department of Health suggests that sleepers find it difficult to get their seven hours of sleep during extreme heatwaves. Odd as it sounds, this can cause substantial mood swings, altered perception, and difficulties in functioning during the first 24 hours of missed sleep.

What Are Cooling Pillows?

By definition, cooling pillows prevent heat retention by taking advantage of our body’s most basic system — thermoregulation. Thermoregulation is a process that allows specific sensors in your central nervous system to send signals to your hypothalamus when your internal temperature changes. As a result, this body temperature controller sends messages to different organs in your body, asking them to bring the body temperature back into balance.

But, how do cooling pillows assist the body with pursuing this state of equilibrium?

In order for a cooling pillow to enable our bodies to cool off quicker, it should increase airflow to prevent heat retention and draw heat away from the body. In other words, the pillow should possess moisture-wicking capabilities as well as breathability.

Can Bamboo Pillows Keep Me Cool?

Yes, and here’s how.

Most bamboo pillows consist of two parts — a memory foam filling and a cover made of bamboo fabric. As both the cover and the filling play important roles in allowing your body to keep itself cool during hot summer nights, we will discuss them in two sections.

The Bamboo Cover & Its Cooling Properties

The natural fibres in bamboo fabrics are widely known for their moisture-wicking properties that allow efficient sweat absorption. Consequently, this enables better body temperature regulation during hot summer nights and prevents your body from overheating.

The Memory Foam

More often than not, bamboo pillows come with a memory foam layer that uses cooling gel to keep your body temperature balanced during sizzling summer nights. Some use a thermal gel, which is known for its cool-to-the-touch properties, while others use phase-changing gel, known for its ability to change from one state of matter to another (in this case, from solid to liquid when the pillow’s temperature increases). No matter their structure, the fundamental job of both these gels is to absorb and transfer heat from the surface of your skin, preventing the pillow from overheating. 

The science behind this is based on an ice-pack principle: the tiny gel beads promote faster cooling by absorbing heat from the surroundings and releasing it into the air. As with ice-packs that lose their cooling abilities once they reach room temperature, these beads stop working at a certain temperature.

Final Thoughts

Replacing your traditional pillow with a bamboo pillow can certainly make your sleep more comfortable. The moisture-wicking characteristics of bamboo fibres, as well as the gel-infused segments in the memory foam, neutralize body heat efficiently. Combine this with the excellent contouring of the memory foam and the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and you’ve got yourself a perfect pillow.


Are pillows made of bamboo-derived material good for the summer?

Yes! By absorbing night sweats and letting them evaporate quickly, the bamboo fabric can not only keep you cool but create an unliveable environment for dust mites — allergy-causing miniature creatures that adore moisture.

Do bamboo pillows allow air circulation?

Yes. By definition, breathability or air circulation refers to the absorbing properties of certain fabrics, which allow for moisture to dissipate in the air quickly. As bamboo pillows are made of natural materials that boast moisture-wicking abilities, they allow for excellent air circulation.

Is a memory foam pillow good for hot sleepers?

Gel-infused memory foam is an excellent choice for those that sleep hot, especially when combined with breathable fabrics such as those made of bamboo-based materials.

How can bamboo cooling pillows assist with allergies?

Since the natural bamboo fibers are able to absorb moisture and let it dissipate in the air, they aren’t creating the ideal environment for the greatest culprits behind numerous nightly allergies — dust mites. This is because these pesky creatures thrive in moisture and reproduce quicker in the summertime as you sweat more on your sleeping pillow. 

Are there any mental health benefits of implementing a cooling bamboo pillow?

As lack of sleep might cause you to experience depression, you might want to discover the best solutions for having a good night’s sleep during the summer. Coupling a bamboo pillow with a pleasing sleep environment might be the first step towards doing so, as this can keep your body cool throughout the night.